Regatron Programmable Power Supplies

Technologically advanced, precision engineered. REGATRON products include universal, programmable DC and AC power supplies, as well as solutions for defined applications.

Enjoy years of proven development and production, combined with timely technical support from the team at TMG Test Equipment.

Regatron Programmable Power Supplies

Power Supplies

download icon Grid Simulators
download icon Battery Testers
download icon Battery Simulators
download icon PV Simulators (Solar Array Simulator)
download icon Charger Tester (i.e. EV)
download icon Charger Tester (i.e. EV)
download icon Satellite PV simulators

Power Supplies

download icon Unidirectional DC (Source)
download icon Bidirectional regenerative DC (Sink / Source)
download icon DC regenerative electronic load (Sink)
download icon 4-Quadrant AC regenerative (Sink /Source)
download icon Bidirectional DC/DC converters

With a vast range of power supplies in a range of voltages, it can be tough to
determine your ideal REGATRON product.

Across Australia, rely on TMG to guide you towards the best option for your needs.